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Industrial Gas

Industrial gases are vital components used in dozens of industries that support thousands of companies spanning the globe, including manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food processing, flash freezing and medical activities.  Similarly, EDM Manufacturing’s pneumatic valves for sale are vital components used in equipment manufactured by OEM’s for the processing and filling of industrial gas cylinders spanning the globe.

Proven leak-proof performance and lasting operational reliability make our pneumatic valves, control actuators, and fittings the clear choice for the most demanding equipment of the most critical applications.

EDM’s line of FloMaster® pneumatic valves for sale and control actuators with positive shutoff technology are widely used in conjunction in automated filling systems for use in industrial gas filling facilities.

These air-operated valves are equipped with our O-Seal® technology for leak-proof, easy-to-maintain performance up to 6,000 psi (413 bar) and between temperatures ranging from −20°F (−30°C) to 225°F (110°C). Other advantages include actuation pressure thresholds that are less than 100 psi (7 bar) and large port sizes for full flow, with a durable soft-seat design for thousands of lifecycles of bubble-tight shutoff operation. FloMaster® valves enable OEM’s to design in their systems to mix and fill with accuracies up to +/− 0.1%.

The EDM FloMaster® line eliminates the need to manually open and close valves when filling pure and mixed gases—a practice that is prone to inconsistency in manual equipment and often results in out-of-tolerance fills. Moreover, the system can make minute, on-the-fly flow throttling adjustments incorporated into the OEM’s software.


It is easy to understand why major gas manufacturers—both foreign and domestic—have turned to EDM. Our pneumatic valves for sale and control actuators for industrial gas increase efficiency, speed, and productivity while being safe and reliable. Time-tested, flawless performance over thousands of life cycles and the return on investment cannot be beaten.


For these reasons and more, EDM Manufacturing has been recognized as a leader and innovator in the industrial gas industry since the early.