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Oil & Gas

As the energy needs of the planet evolve and the oil and gas industries rush to keep pace, EDM Manufacturing remains at the forefront, providing innovative solutions to these industries’ and engineering challenges. Our high pressure valves and fittings for oil and gas producers are trusted for their worry-free operation, including fittings used in upstream drilling and production and valves and fittings used downstream in refining.

Oil and gas operators who demand safety and reliability demand EDM. Year after year, over thousands of life cycles, EDM high pressure valves and fittings function with flawless performance. Our vast product range is used on offshore and onshore drilling rigs.

Engineered and manufactured in the United States to exacting standards, our high pressure valves and fittings for oil and gas producers can be found all over the world.


In all cases, EDM’s advanced soft-seated sealing technology provides years of easily maintained, bubble-tight performance. Importantly, this also helps to mitigate fugitive emissions, which take a toll on bottom lines and the environment. Many of our high pressure valves and fittings are qualified to meet or exceed the most stringent fugitive emissions standards. This not only helps you adhere to regulatory obligations in the US and abroad, it results in safer operations and cleaner air.