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Petrochemicals are chemicals derived from petroleum or natural gas and are used in thousands of products, ranging from those made of plastic to computers to every mode of transportation. These chemicals create the products we use every day and help make our lives easier and safer.

Major petrochemicals include acetylene, benzene, ethane, ethylene, methane, propane, and hydrogen. Hydrocarbons are separated from oil and gas liquids then put into a manufacturing facility that uses high temperatures to crack chemical bonds in molecules to form the building blocks of the chemicals.

EDM’s advanced technology petrochemical valves and corrosion resistant fittings are used during this process and allow the petrochemicals to be produced. EDM offers a wide range of custom valve and corrosion-resistant stainless products that meet the high demands of service in this industry.

Each petrochemical valve and corrosion resistant fitting are tested and checked against established standards. Valves are also tested for leaks and are certified as leakproof to provide the most reliable products to customers. Liquids and gases go through different test processes to ensure complete reliability.

The petrochemical industry supports about 1.4 million American jobs, with many working in petrochemical manufacturing plants. It’s beneficial that petrochemical plants exist in America to provide jobs and prevent the need to import petrochemicals from abroad.


Lower Fugitive Emissions

In the valve manufacturing industry, controlling fugitive emissions has become increasingly important. EDM is leading this effort and has taken the necessary steps toward qualifying our petrochemical valves and corrosion resistant fittings to the industry’s most stringent fugitive emissions standard. This initiative has not only helped our customers meet their regulatory obligations here in the United States and globally, it has resulted in safer operations and cleaner air.